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Hispanic Marketing
AC&M Group is a leading expert in understanding how to target the various segments of the Hispanic Market.
Our team doesn't just understand the Hispanic Market, we immerse ourselves in hands-on multicultural experiences.

Pacino Mancillas

Cesar Balda

Jaime Cardenas

A mechanical engineer by trade, Jaime’s analytical perspective allows him to develop key strategies involving utilization of media assets and negotiation of brand partnerships. As our CEO, Jaime’s expertise, industry relations, and insights allow him to provide our clients with measurable success.

Manolo Guajardo

We have the insights and interactions to help your brand grow within the Hispanic Market share.
Every strategy produced by our executives is founded in calculated research and unique insights that produce effective, results-driven business plans.
We have a deep understanding of the various Hispanic market segments. This allows our team to hone in on specific target markets for the most successful results.
Always looking for ways to maximize efficiency, we ensure our recommendations allow for client investments to function in the most cost-effective manner to produce real results.
We specialize in knowledge of customer decision-making. Our team understands purchasing behaviors and we ensure products are successful at retail to help foster customer loyalty.

Here are a few of our Hispanic Marketing Success Stories from Some of our Clients.


We are the premiere Hispanic marketing agency for all Stanley Black and Decker Brands. As one of the world’s largest tool manufacturers, Stanley trusted AC&M to expand national communications with Hispanic consumers. Learn More>>

National Gypsum

We expanded National Gypsum’s Hispanic marketing from simple translations to creative innovations. Due to the success of our campaigns, Hispanic marketing now represents the majority of National Gypsum’s marketing budget. Learn More>>

Comex Frazee Paint

The largest Comex brand paint in the U.S. trusted AC&M to rebrand their products to target the Hispanic market share. Our market research and insights revolutionized their brand integration and engagement with the Hispanic market. Learn More>>
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