Making Super Bowl bets

AND THE WINNER IS: Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads of 2017

AND THE WINNER IS: Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads of 2017

What was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Our team shares their picks for favorite spots.

Every year billions of dollars are spent on securing a spot at the most watched event in American sports. In fact, in 2017 the average cost of having your commercial air during the Super Bowl was $160,000… per second.

There are many awards in advertising, covering all sorts of categories, but even in an era where the reach of cable TV is diminishing, having your spot play during the Super Bowl means you’ve made it.

This is our Oscar night. Commercials are normally ignored or fast-forwarded, but for one night, advertisers, publicists, marketers and artists, have the attention of the nation.

Here are the winners according to our creative team:

manoloManolo, Creative Director
“Yearbooks” – Honda
“It was hard to pick one, but I chose Honda CRV Yearbooks as my favorite. Great copy grabbed my attention through the entire commercial, it’s funny yet inspiring. Extra points for having Steve Carell.”

mikeMike, Graphic Designer
“#BathroomBreak” – Febreze
“Just because it starts off being serious and epic then you realize that they are talking about taking a halftime poop break.”

kevin_idKevin, Graphic Designer
“Daughter” – Audi
“The fact that they used a race scene with the daughter defeating all the other racers really helps illustrate the issue with equality and how a woman’s success should not be measured because of her gender. Progress is for everyone.”

fabianFabián, Graphic Designer
“Daughter” – Audi and “The Journey Begins” – 84 Lumber
“I prefer these kinds of messages over something ridiculous without context.”

Graphic Designer
“Bai Bai” – Bai and  “Stranger Things 2” – Netflix
“Because it was nostalgic, classy and hilarious. Also, Stranger Things season 2 because it’s Stranger Things.”

edgardo_idEdgar, Copywriter
“#AvoSecrets” – Avocados from Mexico
“I’m a sucker for silly humor and conspiracy theory so this commercial touched my buttons very effectively.”


ALDOAldo, Video Content Producer
“Cleaner of Your Dreams” – Mr. Clean
“No other ad during the entire super bowl spoke directly to their target demo in an incredibly creative way, while at the same time speaking to everyone else.”


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