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5 Ways You Can Survive the End of Organic Posts

In the past, companies large and small could produce social media content that would reach a broad audience without having to pay a dime. But since the company has gone public, Facebook has had to up the ante to show shareholders increasing streams of revenue.

Long story short, this means that if you want your Facebook posts to have any sort of return on investment it is essential that you “boost” or pay for your posts to reach your target audience.

But how can you ensure your brand is using social media successfully in light of these new changes?

Here’s 5 Ways your brand will come out on top despite the end of free Facebook reach:

1) Ante Up
The good old days are gone, so now what? Time to “build a solid paid digital plan across multiple platforms to continue to build and engage your base”. Yes, this won’t be free, but smarter, more targeted social media content will still help you edge out your competitors.

2) Measure for ROI and Engagement
Return on investment (ROI) is easy to calculate no matter what your budget. Insights are easily accessible through your Facebook page and apps like Buffer, so you can see exactly how many people you reach, and how much engagement your posts receive. So “worry less about free organic reach and appreciate the fact that you can actually target and measure behavior.”

3) Tell a Great Story
“Embrace this new golden age of advertising when we have to create great brand stories that are welcomed, viewed and shared.” Study your past posts to help discover what best connects consumers with your brand. Focus on forming a relationships through emotional, creative posts that tell your brand’s story.

4) Deliver Better Content
Given the rapidly changing world of social media and shorter attention span of consumers, it is vital to have a strong team of content creators to develop the highest quality content. With mere seconds to make an impression, you want to make sure you put your best foot forward when it comes to content.

5) Keep Up With the Trends
The digital marketing world is constantly changing, so it is vital to employ experts and invest time and resources to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Get smart with your social media. Take the time to research and test what works best for your brand to better anticipate new media developments.

While the free ride may be over, great advertising has always relied on “curious creative folks searching for a powerful insight and expressing it in a fresh and compelling way.” We should use this change to help usher in a new age of more effective, quality content that will better engage with consumers to make every social media investment count.

Check out the original article from Media Post here: http://brinx.it/Ag6

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Ignacio Cassinelli