Digital Marketing Success During COVID-19

Brands across the globe have been increasingly active on digital platforms, hoping to retain engagement and build trust with their audiences. COVID-19 has uniquely given brands opportunities to console with audiences on digital platforms. Consumers have been looking towards brands to provide points of empathy, support, and engagement. Let’s further unpack how brands are winning at this.

Creative & Unique Messaging

Amongst this global event we live in, brands have pivoted their messaging to effectively reach consumers. Intentional copy in social postings is more critical than ever with potential threats of scrutiny and loss of trust. Brands that succeed have included points of product relevancy and compassion.

Our clients SOCCER.COM and TeqBall have effectively executed this style of messaging in many of their social postings. Much of the copy includes areas of importance relating to the COVID-19 pandemic such as social distancing. These brands have relayed safety messages while also offering consumers sizable discounts.

Other AC&M clients have leveraged and utilized this principle. World Soccer Shop and beIN Sports have applied this to the new beIN Sports EXTRA platform. World Soccer Shop has been driving awareness and impressions to tune-in to the new digital platform. These brands have exhibited copy promoting people to stay at home while having the benefit of free soccer on demand. We helped beIN accomplish these goals through a diverse media mix that amplifies performance.

Engaging Campaigns That Reveal Empathy

High increases in social media activity have pushed many brands to have to further position themselves with their audiences. While consistent content is necessary, meaningful content has been what sticks out. People are looking for their brands to convey empathy through posts.

Captain Morgan has recently partnered with Major League Soccer to inspire user-generated content. The recently announced Captain’s Challenge is one of the latest initiatives by the MLS Unites digital campaign. While encouraging people to stay at home, the campaign calls for users to post videos of themselves nutmegging someone or something.

For each video that is posted, Captain Morgan will donate $25 per video to support front-line workers combatting the coronavirus. The spirits brand has already committed $500,000 to COVID-19 relief. This newly started campaign engages users effectively but also expresses empathy with a charitable cause for those on the frontlines amidst this pandemic.

Contributing Toward The Greater Community

Consumers are not only looking for brands to facilitate connections between others but to provide more to the community. Donations can be an essential avenue for brands with the bandwidth to give back. In terms of marketing, unique ways of supporting community causes are equally notable for brands.

Puma has leveraged it’s YouTube platform to give the world free workout sessions that do not require equipment. The athletic brand has been working to engage users to view these workout sessions led by Puma sponsored athletes. All of the workouts that are shown can be executed within the confines of home. This further promotes the idea for people to stay safe at home during the pandemic.

The Solution

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, brands must adjust to these times we live in. The modern consumer is tech-savvy and willing to adapt to circumstances. Audiences are continuing to increase their online presence on digital platforms. As this growth picks up, brands must live among these platforms and connect with people. The coronavirus has caused many to look for connections and brands should be the vessel for this. As you can see, success is not given through an increase of content volume, however, it is through intentional, meaningful, and engaging messaging.

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Carson Boykin

Assistant Account Executive, Sports