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Facebook Introduces A Simpler Way To Fill Out Forms

Every week, social media networks announce the development, testing or launching of a new feature. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have been announcing several tools that not only simplify the user experience, but are useful for businesses, marketers and advertisers.

Last week, Facebook announced that they have started testing their new tool, “Lead Ads”, which will make it easier for mobile users to fill out forms. This will also become pretty handy for businesses, since it will help them collect email addresses without needing a form.

How does it work? First, the user will click the call-to-action button, then confirm by clicking “Submit.” That’s it. There is no need to manually fill out a form; Lead Ads will use the contact information that users give to the social network and auto-fill the form.

Facebook tests simpler way to fill-out forms. Photo: Facebook for Business.

Facebook tests simpler way to fill-out forms. Photo: Facebook for Business.

Let’s accept it, at least once you’ve agreed to complete a survey for a chance to win some prize, and along the way, you’ve left the form half-way filled. Reasons like the form being too long, distractions, the application taking you to a different page, etc. might be the main causes for leaving forms halfway done. This new tool will help avoid having to send users to a slow landing page by automatically filling out the users’ basic information. It will only take two taps, and the form is filled! Users won’t even have to type in their names.

From a business point of view, this also means that advertisers might be able to reach the audience that is on mobile and that does not want to get to a desktop to complete a form, by providing a quick, two-step fill-out process, and auto-fill service courtesy of Facebook.

We cannot help but to ask ourselves: how much time will we spend on Facebook? Lead Ads is just one of the tools that the social media giant is developing, but also under testing is Instant Articles, which aims to provide all the daily news, so that users can stay in touch with the news without having to leave Facebook. Instant Articles allows users to quickly and easily engage with articles without being redirected to a slow website.

Lead Ads does seem interesting to us, though! Let’s wait and see how much Facebook will charge for these innovating services. Until then, stay up to date with the latest social media news by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!

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Ignacio Cassinelli