How Facebook Engagement Drives Purchasing Behaviors

There has long been debate surrounding how valuable Facebook fans really are when it comes to increasing sales, customer loyalty, and appealing to new customers. Thanks to a recent four-year study of a major grocery store chain, data shows that Facebook fans bought 35% more items than non-fans.

Even more significant is the data related to fans’ engagement:

“Facebook fans who engaged with the page at least 10 times spent more than $1,000 annually than a typical consumer, a 95 percent jump. Fans who engaged that much also visited the store 40 more times annually than a typical customer.”

This data is key to understanding customer loyalty. Good, consistent, and engaging content is pertinent to creating a strong fan base and locking in current customers.

But it’s not enough to simply post compelling content. Engagement with fans is what drives development of a consumer base more interested in shopping.

The brand featured in the article was “committed to responding to customer questions, concerns, and kudos”, which yielded them a more active fan base.

“The more times a Facebook fan engaged with the grocer’s page, the more they tended to spend” in the store. So much so, that Facebook fans of the business “spent nearly 50% more than a non-fan over time”.

This study helps to validate Facebook as a key marketing tool for driving in-store sales. With “more than 75% of the grocer’s profit during the study came from the 25% of Facebook fans”, this study shows how social media can yield quantified results.

Check out the original article on Inside Facebook for more findings and interesting charts:

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Pacino Mancillas