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Why You Need Influencer Marketing Strategies for Your Brand

Bloggers, journalists, consultants, and professionals continue to have an increased presence on various social media platforms. These influencers hold great value for companies looking to generate brand awareness, brand loyalty, credibility, and an overall increase profitability.

In fact, marketing trends show an incredible rising trend in ROI for influencer marketing, which means marketing budgets should and will start to shift towards influencer-inspired campaigns.

1- Because it Generates Great ROI

According to a study by Tomoson, the ROI for influencer marketing is strikingly high with over 6 times the investment is recouped, or on average $6.50 of profit for each $1 spent. With results like these, it’s easy to see why the report predicts an 59% increase in influencer marketing budgets over the next 12 months.

This suggests influencer marketing could be the fastest growing customer acquisition channel on Social Media, growing to compliment already proven and common tactics such as organic and paid search, email marketing, and social media organic and paid posts on the usual platforms.

2- Because Influencers are Like Celebrities for the New Generations

youtube-stars-shine-brightestIt’s no secret. People are more likely to buy a product based off of a reliable recommendation than the pandering voice of a corporate ad. This is why bloggers pose such value for brands. Bloggers are seen by their audience as reliable and trustworthy authorities, and thus people are much more likely to purchase a product if it is endorsed by someone they trust or idolize.

A recent survey by Variety demonstrated exactly this. Through surveying over 1,500 teens on approachability, authenticity and overall influence of traditional celebrities and online stars, the popuar magazine found that these Online stars were sometimes just as famous as movie stars of chart-topping musicians. In fact, 5 of the top 10 were online influencers such as YoutTube sensations Smosh, PewDiePie and Ryan Higa – online influencers are clearly earning their place alongside “regular” celebrities for the new generations.

Some of these stars are a great fit for all kinds of industries: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, sports, food, etc. Having amassed huge followings, brands can run campaigns with them to target a large segment of consumers with shared interests, but also better consumers.


3- Because They Can Bring Brands Better Customers

First off, consumers amassed via influencer marketing have a proven interest in a specific product category, and thus are more passionate about the product, more likely to spend more money, and more likely to recommend the product to friends and family. However, the role of the influencer is also key because of the affinity with it’s audience. According to a DEFY Media study, young people (ages 13-24) are more likely to follow a Youtuber over a TV or Movie Celebrity, but also trust them their product recommendations more.


Did this article get you thinking about pioneering your own influencer marketing campaign? Get in touch with us and find out how AC&M uses influencer campaigns to help our clients’ online campaigns.


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