Soccer Mindset Academy Launches Program Teaching Mindset Skills for Players

The Soccer Mindset Challenge is a digital program based on scientifically proven sports psychology to help develop peak performance mindsets in youth soccer players. Each day, for 10 days, players focus on a specific area of their mindset and practice new drills for things like creating a daily routine, sharpening their focus, and learning to balance themselves.

A soccer players game can be broken up into four main sections: Physical, Technical, Tactical, and Mindset. Often, it’s the last section that is the least explored, even though it is critical to achieving the next level in one’s game. The goal of this program is to sharpen a player’s mindset and explore how mental strength can have a tangible effect on a player’s game.  

Designed specifically to challenge players to rethink their game, the Soccer Mindset Challenge serves as an opportunity to gain a whole new competitive edge and approach their next game with a strong soccer mindset. 

To enter the program, users can fill out the order form and complete a purchase of just $9.99 to receive a personalized login. Players can then download the free app from the App Store or Google Play store and access their training from any device. From the comfort of their own home, each training lesson takes just ten minutes a day and helps to sharpen a player’s mindset. 

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Evan Georges