Why You Need Social Media in Company Branding

If you have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube page you are among the 3.48 billion active social media users in the world today. Whether it’s retweeting a funny video of a dog wearing sunglasses or following your favorite brands, social media has immersed itself into our daily lives. This means more access to information about what you buy, when, and why.

This access can be a groundbreaking tool for companies to connect with consumers. With the use of social media on the rise, so are the opportunities for companies to brand themselves. The online world gives companies and brands the ability to directly represent themselves to audiences on platforms they use daily. Interactions, posts, views and impressions on social media act as a bridge between the consumer and the company’s brand.

Social Media Branding

On sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, customers can interact with a company’s profile. Having a sense of humor, showing non-profit support, highlighting employees, or spotlighting product information are all ways to use your social media brand identity. This information can be at the fingertips of a consumer to judge — or build brand trust. Statistics by the International Council of Shopping showed that 82% of adults said they are loyal to product brands. Therefore, building a brand people trust and familiarize with is crucial.

Another study done at Yalova and Marmara University found that consumers share comedy content, music, and instructional videos most. However, participants were cautious about sharing content with advertising. Companies who develop creative and engaging social media posts create more opportunities to reach the 86% of young adults who use social media.

A brand identity created through social media profiles, posts, interactions and impressions helps build a personality in the consumers mind. Those who can reach target audiences through posts and maintain their brand consistently through platforms can develop a lasting and memorable personality for their work. This presence can attract audiences that share similar values and create loyal customers who support the brand they engage with.

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Angela Hiltbrunner