San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals baseball game

There Will Never Be "Royals" In San Fran This Week

There will be no Royals talk in the city of San Francisco for at least the next 5 days!

As San Francisco Giants prepare to take on the Kansas City Royals in the 2014 World Series several radio stations the city of San Francisco have Banned the song “Royals” by Lorde. The New Zealand native has cited the Kansas City Royals as one of her inspirations while writing he massive 2014 hit.

This is not the first time a hit song has gotten attention around a Championship game.

In 2010 after Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburg Steelers, Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”, a celebration of Steelers Pride, was parodied by fellow rapper Lil Wayne to celebrate the Packer’s Victory. No hard feeling came from the Pittsburg native, as he said he was more shocked that not only did Lil Wayne know about his song, but he also knew how to “rap to it.”

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that popular culture and sports clash. All we can do is sit down, tune in, and see how this year’s World Series will play out. Will the San Francisco Giants win their third title in five years? Or will the Kansas City Royal complete their cinderella story, and call themselves World Champions?

With the song being taken off the air for at least the next 5 days, and possibly more, one is left to wonder how long the embargo will last if the Royals are crowned champions? Or better yet, if the Giants are crowned champions, will another witty parody song emerge? Only time will tell!

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Kyle Toscano