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Our Team has some of the best Social Media Experts to handle all of our clients SM projects and needs.

Jaime Cardenas

With Jaime background as a Mechanical Engineer, provides him with a unique perspective for Social Media analytics. He oversees our advertising optimization and insights analysis to provide clients with measurable results.

Ignacio Cassinelli

A professional blogger since the age of 18, Ignacio brings a fresh and modern approach to Social Media strategies. As our Social Media director, he is our new trend specialist and influencer outreach leader among many other things.

Pacino Mancillas

Right in the middle of the action, Pacino’s role is that of brand integration director. He makes sure that Social Media components are an integral part of our account planning and media efforts, so we reach consumers effectively.

Manolo Guajardo

Manolo’s expertise of Creative Branding makes sure that the message, imagery and art direction integrates seamlessly into our Social Media efforts. His creativity makes brand’s personalities shine through all platforms.
We like our Social Media teams to be 100% involved in their accounts. Here are ways we help:
For fast and efficient support for our clients, the account executive in charge of your acount will be your constant resource and line of communication though the process.
We maintain the day to day of the account to plan every aspect of our work.
They are deeply involved in their SM communities and are knowledgeable of what content will resonate, how to treat fans/followers, etc.
We foster and create personal relationships with influencers, bloggers and content providers.

Here are a few of our Social Media Success Stories from Some of our Clients.

FOX Deportes

Worked with FOX Deportes since March 2011, as they faced the challenge to catch up to the competition in developing a strong SM presence. Learn More>>

Family Dollar

We have worked with Family Dollar since November 2009, as they wanted to connect with the Hispanic consumer through many Social Media outlets. Learn More>>

Sports Endeavors, Inc.

After working with Tienda Futbol Mundial since 2010, we expanded our relationship with Sports Endeavors to provide a variety of services to all of its online stores such as and Mi Futbol. Learn More>>
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