Meet our team, we have some of the most creative and brightest minds in the marketing industry.

The AC&M Team


The AC&M team is truly a close-knit and well-versed family. Each individual brings their own special approach to marketing. Our team’s cultural backgrounds and passion for marketing are what make us so unique as a team. Today, we are proud that our team includes some of the best creative and strategic minds in the industry.


Want to join the AC&M Group team? We are always looking for new and creative talent to make our team better than it is. Please, email us your resume or portfolio to:

Jaime Cardenas

Co-Founder, CEO


Has developed AC&M Group into a top leading U.S. multicultural marketing firm focused on Hispanics, soccer and digital marketing through great results & leadership.

Pacino Mancillas

Partner & VP of Strategic Partnerships


Leads accounts, client relations and consumer research, providing 20+ years of multicultural marketing experience.

Vicente Navarro

Partner & VP of Business Development


One of the best-connected people in the world of soccer, with a record of 20+ years managing partnerships.

Gail Cox

VP of Strategy & Research


A marketing professional with proven results at Fortune 500 companies and 20+ years of experience in strategic planning, research, segmented marketing, and brand & product management.

Manolo Guajardo

Creative Director


A background in Industrial Design and 14+ years of advertising experience, combined with creative and critical thinking, and management and entrepreneurial skills, drive effective solutions for client challenges.

Kristi Booker

Accounts Director


Multicultural marketing professional with 10+ years of experience, servicing Fortune 500 clients across several industries.

Natalia Fonseca Schiappacasse

Account Executive


A graduate of Public Relations and international studies from UNC Charlotte, raised in Boston, with parents from Chile and Brazil. Her deeply rooted multicultural insights combined with her expertise and language abilities add an invaluable asset to the agency.

Pablo Arellano

Digital Marketing Manager


A graduate of Public Relations from UNC Charlotte and a passion for developing digital and social media initiatives. He provides excellent communication and creative skills along with an energetic attitude every day to the office and our clients.

Pilar Viatela

Account Supervisor


Over 15 years of experience in developing multicultural integrated marketing communications campaigns for large and small corporations in the U.S. and South America.

Lonnie Staley

Media Director


This Dartmouth graduate is an avid international traveler, and his natural curiosity of people and places has only helped enhance his skills as a media director for clients tasked with reaching diverse audiences. He is a team leader effective at developing and sharing insights for both large-scale national clients, as well as local and regional enterprises.

Michael Durán

Art Director


Designs elements for digital campaigns, print materials, as well as packaging, alongside a passion for soccer and music.

Ryan Brewer

Accounts Coordinator


With an extensive knowledge of the game, assists in leading the soccer accounts team.

Amanda Yarbrough

Project Manager


A MBA graduate from the UNC Wilmington and UNC Chapel Hill Alum, who has extensive operations management experience from companies leading the e-commerce industry. Has a passion for improving collaboration by systematically removing barriers that provides invaluable support to the agency.

Fabián González

Creative Advertising Art Director


Studies in Account Planning, Creativity, Art Direction, Branding, Brand Strategy Management, Web Design and Graphic Design. Creates fresh and exciting content for brands through a curiosity for new trends.

Gabriela Hakim

Account Coordinator


Communications Mass Media graduate with a minor in International Studies from UNC Charlotte with a passion for project management and e-commerce. Her attention to detail and organizational skills guarantee positive results from concept through execution. Her diverse professional background and travel experiences have fueled her creative thinking.

Kate Potenzano 

Office Manager


Alexandra Mauney 

Account Coordinator


KaRon Atkinson

Graphic Designer