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Total market media

At AC&M Group, our Media Planning and Buying service is tailored to the full spectrum of audiences, ensuring maximum reach and impact. We excel in crafting media strategies that precisely target diverse consumer segments, optimizing media spend across both traditional and digital platforms. Our approach involves an in-depth analysis of all segments that are relevant for your brand, enabling us to deliver campaigns that reach and resonate with every audience segment. Our holistic methodology not only broadens your brand’s reach but also deepens engagement, driving measurable growth and market presence.

Paid social

Our paid social strategy harnesses the extensive reach of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google/YouTube, TikTok, X, LinkedIN, and more. We leverage our partner account status to ensure your brand message is optimized and reaches your target audience through precisely targeted campaigns, fostering engagement and driving conversions.

Streaming radio

Leveraging connections with top audio streaming platforms such as Spotify and Pandora, we offer a blend of self and platform optimization. Our strategy ensures your message resonates with listeners through targeted audio ads, enhancing brand recall and audience engagement in their daily listening routines.

Connected TV (OTT)

Through our relationships with major video streaming platforms like Peacock, Vix, and ESPN, Hulu, Paramount+, etc. we place your ads in a premium OTT content environment. This strategy ensures your brand benefits from high engagement rates and targeted reach, aligning with viewers’ interests and viewing habits.


Utilizing a self-managed omnichannel DSP platform, we deliver your ads across display, audio streaming, OOH, and OTT channels. This approach allows for real-time bidding and optimization, ensuring your message reaches the right audience at the right time, maximizing impact and efficiency.


With direct relationships with national broadcast and cable networks, alongside local stations, we plan and buy television spots that ensure broad reach and deep penetration into your target market, capitalizing on television’s wide audience base.


We maintain direct relationships with major newspapers, consumer, and trade publications, ensuring your brand message is presented in respected print mediums, offering credibility and targeted reach within specific demographics.

Out of home

Utilizing a mix of static and digital billboards, convenience store networks, and transit billboards, we place your brand in the physical space your audience occupies, ensuring high visibility and engagement for commuters and pedestrians alike.

Plans designed to achieve your business objectives

Foot traffic

We strategically place ads across digital and physical spaces, optimizing for local relevance and audience habits to increase foot traffic to stores. We leverage our partnership with Placer.ai to optimize delivery. By integrating Out Of Home advertising with geo-targeted digital campaigns, we ensure your brand captures attention at critical decision-making moments, driving in-store visits.

E-commerce transactions

Our blend of paid social, programmatic, and other digital marketing tactics directly funnel potential customers to your e-commerce platforms. By delivering personalized ad experiences based on user behavior and preferences, we effectively convert online engagements into transactions, enhancing your digital sales performance.

Lead generation

Utilizing a combination of targeted content marketing, paid search, and strategic social media campaigns, we capture the interest of potential leads at various stages of the consumer journey. This multi-channel approach ensures a steady stream of qualified leads by providing value and solving problems for your audience, directly contributing to your sales funnel.

Website traffic

Through a meticulously crafted mix of SEO, paid search, and programmatic advertising, we direct a high volume of targeted traffic to your website. By optimizing ad placements and content relevance, we ensure that your site receives visitors with a genuine interest in your offerings, boosting engagement and potential conversions.

Brand awareness

We employ a broad spectrum of channels, from mass media like television and radio to targeted digital platforms, ensuring your brand message reaches a diverse audience. This widespread exposure amplifies brand recognition and familiarity, laying the groundwork for long-term brand loyalty and engagement.

App downloads

By leveraging targeted ads on mobile-centric platforms such as social media and in-app advertisements, coupled with enticing calls-to-action, we drive app downloads. Our strategic use of analytics ensures these campaigns reach potential users likely to engage with your app, significantly increasing download rates and user base growth.

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