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U.S. market launch strategy

At AC&M Group, we excel in crafting successful market entry strategies for international brands aiming to conquer the U.S. market. Our approach is rooted in a keen insight into the U.S. consumer landscape and business culture. We’ve partnered with numerous global brands, guiding them through the complexities of launching their products or services in this diverse and dynamic marketplace. We meticulously analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes to tailor a customized launch plan. From identifying target audiences to optimizing distribution channels, we ensure that your brand gains a strong foothold in the U.S.

Market research and insights

We delve into the intricacies of the U.S. market, extracting actionable insights from consumer behavior, cultural trends, and competitive landscapes. This foundation enables us to develop strategies that are not just informed, but inspired by the very dynamics that define your target market. Our research serves as the compass guiding every facet of your market entry.

Positioning and messaging

Our expertise lies in sculpting your brand’s story to resonate with the American consumer, ensuring your message strikes the right chord. By fine-tuning your brand’s voice and narrative, we align it with U.S. market expectations, creating a connection that transcends cultural barriers. This strategic messaging is key to ensuring that your brand creates a positive and long-lasting first impression.

Channel selection

Navigating the vast landscape of U.S. distribution channels can be challenging and time-consuming, we identify the most effective paths to place your product in front of the right eyes. Whether through e-commerce or retail, we curate a blend that amplifies your brand’s reach and visibility. Our strategic and data-driven channel selection maximizes your impact, ensuring your products are accessible where your audience shops.

Marketing campaign

We craft and execute dynamic marketing campaigns that capture attention and ignite interest from both buyers (sell-in) and consumers (sell-through). Through a blend of digital innovation, strategic influencer collaborations, and targeted PR and paid media efforts, we not only introduce your brand to the market but ensure it becomes a topic of conversation. Our campaigns are designed to resonate deeply with a diverse U.S. audience, creating a lasting impression and driving engagement.

U.S. market launch expertise


Our clients use our data analytics team to show retailers how our laser focus launch plan will help them drive more foot traffic and increase revenue with existing and new consumer segments.


Leveraging our Digital Innovation team, we optimize our clients’ online sales. Our tailored e-commerce strategies boost online revenue by delivering the right message to the right consumers in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.


We help our clients understand and leverage the U.S. business culture, opening doors to new business-to-business opportunities and collaborations. Our approach positions our client’s brand as a preferred partner that knows how to drive long-term growth and success.

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