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AC&M Takes World Soccer Shop to New Heights

World Soccer Shop, one of the largest online soccer retailers in the world, utilizes blog content, photos, videos, and graphics to score big with its millions of worldwide customers. Just as any great soccer team has its star players, World Soccer Shop turned to AC&M to help propel their efforts in connecting with soccer fans through creative and engaging visual story-telling.

Since 2011, AC&M has been working alongside World Soccer Shop, and its parent company Sports Endeavors, to grow the brand by connecting with customers for both their English and Spanish stores. In the beginning, our partnership by working with their Hispanic online store: Tienda Futbol Mundial, but that has grown into a larger scope that now includes their main store World Soccer Shop, their blog (365.worldsoccershop.com) and more.

While World Soccer Shop has always relied on us for great social media strategy and execution, grass-roots programs and other initiatives, now it’s our creative department who get to step to the spotlight for this year. The next challenge? To create some of the highest quality and unique creative assets to help World Soccer Shop connect with fans, and maintain their brand as the top destination for soccer fans looking for the best soccer gear.

Video Packs a Visual Punch

As we discussed before on this blog, video is a key trend in Social Media, a big reason for why it will be the cornerstone of our creative work in 2015. These videos will help them showcase the latest jerseys and soccer gear available on WorldSoccerShop.com, whether it’s on Youtube, Instagram or their blog. With several high-profile soccer tournaments in 2015, including Copa America, Gold Cup, and the Women’s World Cup, on top of the always popular properties such as La Liga and Premier League, we will have plenty of chances to highlight brands like Nike, Puma and adidas as their release new jerseys and products for their top teams.

Soccer as a Fashion Statement

With the growing popularity of soccer in the US, brands have focused more and more on exploiting soccer jerseys and related products as a fashion and identity statement. Soccer jerseys aren’t just worn on game days anymore, soccer is cool and soccer fans are proud to showcase their support for the top teams. With slick designs and great fit, soccer jerseys by top brands such as Nike, Puma and adidas have become expressive fashion pieces that fans of the game are proud to wear everywhere they go. For this project, we’re taking the game off the field and into everyday life environments, setting up shoots in various urban settings around AC&M’s hometown of Charlotte, to tell the visual stories of how you can make these products part of your every day life. What’s more, we’re facilitating every step of the process in-house by using all the full-service resources at our disposal: from model recruitment, to location scouting and post-editing to make for the best result possible.

Rich Media for a 360 approach

One of the objectives of this project is to help World Soccer Shop stand out in every channel and carry a consistent yet original look and feel for their brand. Instead of relying on brand imagery or the latest video promo, these audiovisual packages can help them promote their products on every channel. Every package is tailored for the client to put to use in any context: sliders for their store, email blasts, blog content, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. We look forward to working with World Soccer Shop in exploring other ways we can tie this brand new style to their overall branding and marketing objectives.


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