• Jaime Cardenas
    Co-Founder, CEO

    Has developed AC&M Group into a top leading U.S. multicultural marketing firm focused on Hispanics, soccer and digital marketing through great results & leadership.

  • Pacino Mancillas
    Partner & VP of Strategic Partnerships

    Leads accounts, client relations and consumer research, providing 20+ years of multicultural marketing experience.

  • Vicente Navarro
    Partner & VP of Business Development

    One of the best-connected people in the world of soccer, with a record of 20+ years managing partnerships.

  • Gail Cox
    VP of Strategy & Research

    A marketing professional with proven results at Fortune 50 companies and 20+ years of experience in strategic planning, research, segmented marketing, and brand & product management.

  • Manolo Guajardo
    Creative Director

    A background in Industrial Design and 14+ years of advertising experience, combined with creative and critical thinking, and management and entrepreneurial skills, drive effective solutions for client challenges.

  • Ignacio Cassinelli
    Director of Sports Accounts & Digital

  • Kristi Booker
    Accounts Director

    Multicultural marketing professional with 10+ years of experience, servicing Fortune 500 clients across several industries.

  • Natalia Flores, APR
    Public Relations Director

    An accredited public relations professional with 15+ years of experience in developing communication strategies for brands in the U.S. and Latin America.

  • Cesar Balda
    Research Manager

    A Hispanic marketing specialist, using 25+ years of expertise managing multifunctional projects and coordinating consumer relations and brand management, to develop targeted strategic marketing plans.

  • Walker Corl
    Art Director

    Creates new and unique designs for clients through a passion for the arts, using a background in photography, graphic design, video, animation, and print.

  • Matthew Dees
    Graphic Designer

    Queen’s University alumni with a passion for soccer, art and design, running, and cycling; bringing well-rounded experience into creative solutions.

  • Michael Durán
    Graphic Designer

    Designs elements for digital campaigns, print materials, as well as packaging, alongside a passion for soccer and music.

  • Steven Marques
    Senior Account Executive

  • Fabián González Bárcenas
    Creative Advertising Copywriter

    Background in planning, art direction, branding and design. Creates fresh and exciting content for brands through a curiosity for new trends.

  • Lucas Martins
    Digital Communications Analyst

    Objective and analytical, oversees digital communication efforts and promotes social media campaigns with a love for digital advertising.

  • Manuel Daza
    Digital Content Specialist

    With expertise in soccer and online tools knowledge, assists with all Social Media and Digital Marketing needs.

  • April Comstock
    Office Manager

    Using communication, time management, and organization skills, along with PR and accounting experience, makes the day to day operations and internal communications a success.

  • Natalia Fonseca Schiappacasse
    Digital Strategy

  • Ryan Brewer
    Accounts Coordinator

    With an extensive knowledge of the game, assists in leading the soccer accounts team.

  • Pilar Viatela
    Account Supervisor

    Over 15 years of experience in developing multicultural integrated marketing communications campaigns for large and small corporations in the U.S. and South America.

  • Edgardo Cartagena
    Assoc. Creative Director

    Mixed background in video production, music and script writing with 12+ years of experience. International awards held for creativity and production.

  • Angelica Perez
    Accounts Coordinator

    Born and raised on the U.S.-Mexico border, studied abroad and visited more than 15 countries. Brings fresh ideas through curiosity and a willingness to learn.

  • Kevin Montano
    Graphic Designer

    UNC Charlotte alumni using a passion for art and design, motorcycles, cycling, and dogs, to inspire cutting-edge creative solutions.

  • Zachary Moore
    Business Development and Media Manager

    Identifies new business opportunities that help grow the client portfolio by using an organized and strategic approach.

  • Pablo Arellano
    Communications & Marketing

    UNC Charlotte Student with a passion for connecting PR and Marketing trends to his multicultural background.

  • Zeyu Wang
    Content Creator

    With a MS in Digital Media & Business Communications, Zeyu has work experience in Europe, Asia, & The United States.

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