Meet our team, we have some of the most creative and brightest minds in the marketing industry.
The AC&M team is truly a close-knit and well-versed family. Each individual brings their own special approach to marketing. Our teams cultural backgrounds and passion for marketing is what makes us so unique as a team. We are attuned to the delicate balance of reason and emotion, logic and creativity that lies behind truly effective marketing. Today, we are proud that our team includes some of the best creative and strategic minds in the industry.

Want to join the AC&M Group team? We are always looking for new and creative talent to make our team better than it is. Please, email us your resume or portfolio to:
  • Jaime Cardenas
    Co-Founder, CEO

    Has developed AC&M Group into a top leading U.S. multicultural marketing firm focused on Hispanics, soccer and digital marketing through great results & leadership.

  • Pacino Mancillas
    VP of Strategic Partnerships

    Leads accounts, client relations and consumer research, providing 20+ years of multicultural marketing experience.

  • Vicente Navarro
    VP of Business Development

    One of the best-connected people in the world of soccer, with a record of 20+ years managing partnerships.

  • Manolo Guajardo
    Creative Director

    A background in Industrial Design and 14+ years of advertising experience, combined with creative and critical thinking, and management and entrepreneurial skills, drive effective solutions for client challenges.

  • Ignacio Cassinelli
    Director of Sports Accounts & Digital

  • Gail Cox
    VP of Strategy & Research

    Multicultural marketing professional with 20+ years of experience in strategic planning, brand & product management.

  • Marivi Bryant
    Director of Marketing and Operations

    Brings a fresh perspective through expertise and understanding of different marketing landscapes, with experience on both the client and agency side.

  • Natalia Flores, APR
    Public Relations Director

    An accredited public relations professional with 15+ years of experience in developing communication strategies for brands in the U.S. and Latin America.

  • Fabián González Bárcenas
    Creative Advertising Copywriter

    Background in planning, art direction, branding and design. Creates fresh and exciting content for brands through a curiosity for new trends.

  • Kristi Booker
    Accounts Director

    Multicultural marketing professional with 10+ years of experience, servicing Fortune 500 clients across several industries.

  • Ryan Brewer
    Assistant Event Coordinator

    With an extensive knowledge of the game, assists in leading the soccer accounts team.

  • Natalia Fonseca Schiappacasse
    Digital Strategy

  • Kevin Montano
    Graphic Designer

    UNC Charlotte alumni using a passion for art and design, motorcycles, cycling, and dogs, to inspire cutting-edge creative solutions.

  • Steven Marques
    Senior Account Executive

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