Social Media Platforms Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

To combat COVID-19 from a digital standpoint, social media platforms have taken several measures to help brands and consumers. Major platforms have challenged themselves to counter misinformation and support local businesses.

Newly Added Capabilities

According to a recent report published by Main Street America, 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of permanent closure within the next five months. Instagram has recently developed specific tools for businesses to provide additional support at this time.

By taking action, business users have the opportunity to fundraise, feature gift cards, and implement online order functions through the app. Furthermore, Instagram has created a feature to particularly fundraise while on Instagram live. Instagram users now have direct access to these new capabilities through stories. The platform is also developing a share professional sticker for stories. This will allow users to post stories that highlight business profiles.

These recently added tools that allow users to support small businesses in many capacities. With these extended abilities, brands have more ability to increase response to call-to-actions.

Slowing the Spread of Misinformation

Amidst the pandemic, the increase in social media activity has created critical challenges to keep the public informed on accurate and relevant coronavirus news. Social platforms have been heavily scrutinized as false information has clouded digital landscapes. Twitter has risen to the occasion to directly address this issue. According to their new safety initiatives, 2,230 posts comprising information on the coronavirus have been removed.

Although platforms have a responsibility to contain misinformation, brands have the opportunity to follow suit. Per the variety of audiences brands interact with on social, they can contribute to the cause. Whether it is sharing government-sponsored posts or curating content.

Consumers are widely looking towards brands to act amongst the pandemic. Social platforms are doing their part in raising awareness and providing new technology. Brands uniquely have the chance to replicate these efforts on their social accounts. For businesses to maintain positive brand associations, now is the time to act.

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Carson Boykin

Assistant Account Executive, Sports