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Why Facebook Video is the Way of the Future

As Facebook continues to engage their users through a richer storytelling format for advertisers, it is important for brands to begin utilizing video as a preferred marketing platform. Videos on Facebook captivate their audience through new video metrics and Premium Video ads. Advertisers who want to drive video views and gain popularity should incorporate short and creative videos via Facebook.

New technology on Facebook helps drive brand marketability and consumer loyalty. Advertisers, in partnership with Facebook, can attract viewers who have a proven brand loyalty and interest in engaging with their brand, specifically via video. In this way, companies are directly appealing to a specific audience. As a result, ads help companies gain affinity and consideration.

Auto Play Streaming

The auto-play function allows users to view a video (without sound) simply by scrolling down their news feed. The video will continue playing until the user scrolls past it. This tool allows companies to immediately appeal to potential consumers.

FB Video Counts

Ability to include calls-to-action

Additionally, advertisers can more deeply connect with their customers by adding a call-to-action button, which allows people to learn more about the company’s products or services. In this way, Facebook brings a business’s most important object to the forefront, the call-to-action buttons link to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with a business’s goals. This free feature gives marketers an unexpected, but welcome benefit that you don’t necessarily get with traditional TV ads.

Great for ad recall and brand awareness


According to a new study by Nielsen, Facebook users are immediately affected by video ads. People who never watched the video completely, but saw the begging seconds were still impacted by the ad. The Nielsen study reports that “from the moment a video ad was viewed (even before one second), lift happened across ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration.” Clearly, even if Facebook users are easily distracted by the next thing in their timeline, your video is producing results.

Facebook’s product manager Fidji Simo explains the early success of videos ads, “With these new enhancements, marketers can take people on an even deeper journey with their brand, by encouraging people to take an action right after they’ve watched a video, and sending them a targeted brand message later on.”

As people consume digital advertisement differently, it is important for marketers to experiment with brief and innovative ads to drive value for their brand. In order to expand campaign value and elevate success, companies should continue optimizing digital advertisements.

Image Source: Wishpond; AdWeek; Facebook

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